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Fishing Report June/July

Fishing Report June/July

It’s nearly mid July already and more than time for a new fishing report! While catch rate has declined, we are in high summer. The water temperature is fine, the fish just have huge amounts of natural food available to them right now. The net result is more challenging fishing.

Adapting is the key to catching. Top tactics have been sparse nymph/wet flies fished either static on a floater or moved on a sinking line to suit conditions. Having said that, some of the big trout caught have fallen for a fry pattern on a fast sinker. Several large browns that have remained uncaught for weeks and months have come to the bank lately, in addition to some quality rainbows. It’s strange, we don’t think of the big browns as liking summer conditions, yet every year some of them show during July/August.

If you plan to visit us, you no longer need to book in advance. Most days we have space. If you want to check before travelling some distance, please call the office.

We look forward to seeing you!

Pete & the Team.