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Fishing Report May 2020

Fishing Report May 2020

Reopening the fishery post lockdown, it has been great to see so many of you join us waterside once again, thanks.

The lakes fished steadily on reopening, with fishing more testing as May progressed due to temperatures and fishing pressure. However anglers continue to catch to a variety of tactics, it often seems like doing something different to everyone else gets rewarded. Keep on the move, change flies and lines to suit conditions.

Our mayfly hatch has just started, typically they started to show on Oak pool. The nymphs have been active for a while now and have accounted for a fair number of fish caught along with buzzers. We also have huge numbers of Cochy Bonddu Beetles here at the moment. You can see the birds feeding on them as you walk to the lakes. The trout a rather keen on them too, especially if the wind is up! Damsels and dragon flies are here already and we have plenty of spring daddy long legs in the surrounding field this year.

Looking into June try dry beetles, mayflies, F flies, daddies. Suggested nymphs and wets are mayflies, hares ear, PTN, diawl bach, b&p spider, buzzers in black, green, grey. Lures, a good variety of colours and sizes.

If the hot weather keeps up, floating lines will be fine first thing and possibly later in the day. An intermediate or medium sink line could be useful during mid day periods.

We look forward to seeing you.

Peter & the team.